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Whitfield County does not maintain a ‘pre-list’ of eligible vendors. Vendors are added to the County’s database when & if goods / services are purchased. Please do not attempt to submit your business information if it has not been requested. Please regularly review this page of the County website for Bid and RFP submission opportunities. All new vendors must fill out, print and sign IRS From W-9 and submit it to the Whitfield County Finance Department. (Click here to download W-9 Form)

This form may be mailed to:
P O Box 248
Dalton, GA 30722-0248
Fax to: (706) 275-7501

(All faxed forms must be completely legible, including signature). 
Vendors will not be added to our finance system without the submission of this form.

Vendor Application

Local Vendor Privilege Qualifications and Affidavidt