Emergency Management

Our Mission

The mission of the Whitfield County Emergency Management Agency is to maintain a high level of preparedness, to protect the citizens of Whitfield County; to mitigate loss of life and assets prior to, during, and during the aftermath of a disaster; and to facilitate the recovery of Whitfield County in the mid and long term intervals following a disaster.

Office Description

Whitfield County's Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has the responsibility to coordinate all County emergency response plans. EMA's responsibilities are to identify vulnerabilities, effectively mitigate disasters, public education, plan for all-hazard emergency situations, ensure continuity of government and business, and to facilitate an effective recovery. Whitfield County EMA will coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private entities to develop, maintain, and implement the Emergency Operations Plan. EMA will also support and manage the County's Emergency Operations Center.

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