Ringing The Bell To Celebrate Recovery

Whitfield County, Ga - On Wednesday, May 29th, Rocio Hernandez, with the Whitfield County

Clerk of Superior Court’s Office rang the bell and is now breast cancer free!

In July 2023, while doing a self-examination, Hernandez found an abnormality and made an appointment with her doctor. “My mammogram came back suspicious, and in August, they confirmed cancer,” said Hernandez. “It was really hard at first but my coworkers and my family were there for me.” Following surgery in September, Hernandez reflects on how her coworkers would visit her at home and bring her meals. “Some of them would even go to the doctor appointments with me because I couldn’t remember anything the doctor would tell me! If it wasn’t for them or my family, I don’t know what I would have done.”

In a touching turn of events, Hernandez’s mother also found an abnormality during her self- examination in late 2023 and began chemotherapy. They both rang the bell together to celebrate their recovery.

“When I took office and had my first meeting with everybody, one of the first things I said was that I wanted us to be a family,” said Clerk of Superior Court Babs Bailey. “We see each other more than we see our own families.” Bailey expressed her happiness for the team's support of Hernandez and emphasized the importance of standing by her in her time of need. “Every one of us has cried with her and cheered her on.”

The Whitfield County Clerk of Superior Court’s Office is proud to share this joyful milestone with Rocio Hernandez and her family. Their story is a testament to their individual strength and in coming together during difficult times.