Judge Morris Celebrates 1 Year as Chief Superior Court Judge

Whitfield County, Ga - Whitfield County proudly commemorates the one-year anniversary of Chief Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris, marking a historic milestone as the first-ever female Superior Court Judge and female Chief Superior Court Judge in the Conasauga Judicial Circuit.

Judge Morris, renowned for her commitment to justice and legal expertise, assumed the role of Chief Superior Court Judge in January 2023. Over the past year, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the Superior Court in Whitfield and Murry County.

Growing up in Smyrna, just outside of Atlanta, Judge Morris knew has known since middle school that she wanted to be a lawyer. From a young age, her parents encouraged her to learn and participate in government, and she had family roots tied to the criminal justice system. “I had an uncle who was the District Attorney in Americus, and I thought what he did was just fascinating.”

Upon graduation from Mercer University, she was sworn into the State Bar in June 1984, and moved to Whitfield County, Georgia. She began her career in the District Attorney’s Office, practiced privately, and represented the Child Support Services with the Department of Human Resources. In January 2002, she made history with her appointment to Superior Court.

In her first year as Chief Judge, she has developed community partnerships, and implemented better programming within the circuit. She was one of the leaders who worked on creating the Conasauga Community Addiction Recovery Center, a free counseling service for those struggling with addiction and the families of those struggling. She guided the partnership with the Norwest Georgia College and Career Academy, whose culinary students are preparing and serving lunch to the residents who are called for Jury Duty. Another proud accomplishment, was the with the Family Support Council, who will oversee the divorcing parent’s seminar and will provide the family with what they need to encourage good parenting, “they are well equipped and are going to do a great job, as they do with everything,” said Judge Morris.

Though she is the first female Superior Court Judge, she has always felt welcomed and encouraged by her male colleagues. “I never felt that there was a bias against female attorneys, they have always been very respectful, and that has always impressed me.” She expressed gratitude to the Judges before and beside her for being there, “they have all been helpful to me, and I’ve been very privileged to work with them.”

“I hope that I am a good role model for younger women, and to show them that they can accomplish anything they want to,” said Judge Morris

As Whitfield County celebrates this significant milestone, it recognizes not only the accomplishments of Chief Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris, but also the progress towards a more diverse, inclusive, and just legal system for all. The community looks forward to continued excellence under Judge Morris's leadership.