Board of Tax Assessors

Contact Information

Whitfield CountyBoard of Tax Assessors
205 N Selvidge St
Dalton, GA 30720
Ph: (706) 275-7410
Fax: (706) 275-7544

Board of Assessors Members

  • Dixon D. White, Chairman
  • Michael Brumlow,
  • Sandy G. Duncan
  • Jerry Gibson
  • Regina Johnson

Administrative Staff

  • Ashley O'Donald,
    Chief Appraiser
  • Kristi Queen,
    Deputy Chief Appraiser
  • Tim McBrayer,
    Principal Property Appraiser
    Real Estate Division
  • Jennifer Jones,
    Personal Property Division



Missions Statement

We are committed to...

...value all property in Whitfield County in a fair and equitable manner

...deliver prompt and courteous service to the citizens of Whitfield County

...apply the principles of teamwork, professionalism, excellence and integrity

...produce a statutorily acceptable and statistically sound Tax Digest our staff is properly trained and certified as required by Georgia Law

...improving our methods of providing information and to better expedite the transfer of that information to the citizens of Whitfield County


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*Important message*

The deadline for filing Real Estate and Personal Property Returns is April 1st. All Returns are required to be received by Office Personnel no later than 5:00pm on April 1st, or by 5:00pm the following business day when April 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, to be considered a Timely Filing. At this time, Whitfield County’s policy does not allow for Electronic filing of any Return, and does not allow Electronic Filing of Appeals.